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The monthly Heights Observer hyper-local community newspaper is the embodiment of our mission of civic engagement. Begun in 2008, the paper tells the community’s stories from the ground up: through the eyes of volunteer citizen reporters.

Submission Policies

The Heights Observer welcomes all who want to participate in submitting community news and information. We ask that all Members (those who submit stories and photos) abide by the following terms and conditions.

Submit Your Own Work

Please submit original stories/photos. When you do use others’ sources of information please attribute that information by including a link, the source, the author, etc.  If you need help with this contact Jessica at jschantz@futureheights.org or call the FutureHeights office at 216.320.1423.

Keep it Local

The Heights Observer is a hyper-local publication serving Cleveland Heights and University Heights. All contributions should have a meaningful local connection to these communities – about things happening within their boundaries, or people who live and/or work within their boundaries. As rule of thumb, articles that belong in the Heights Observer may have trouble finding a home in any other publication; and articles that find a home in publications outside these communities typically aren’t a good fit in the Heights Observer.

Limit the Length of Submissions

  • 120 words for the announcement of an upcoming event or a letter  to the editor
  • 300-600 words for a feature story
  • 400 words for a news story
  • 400 words for opinions/commentary (including election issues)

Being succinct is a courtesy to readers and is the best way to minimize the changes made during the editing process.

Disclose Your Affiliation

If you have a personal or business relationship with the subject of an article you’re writing about please let your readers know. Add a small bio to the end of your contributions so we can let your readers know who you are.

Be Civil

The use of full first and last names for all submissions will, we hope, preclude us from having to police uncivil behavior. You own your posts and words. Please treat your fellow community members with respect and civility. Refrain from posting abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material that may violate any laws or conduct constituting on-site or offline harassment of other users of the Heights Observer.  We do, however, encourage robust discussion!

Know You’ll Be Edited

All submissions to be published go to an editor who will review your story for capitalization, spelling, punctuation, style, length and clarity. Only on rare occasion will we edit for content or substance, except for where dictated by these terms and conditions. If we have concerns, we may try to contact you for further information.

To learn more about submission guidelines click here. To send in your work, visit the Heights Observer Member Center here.

Any questions?  Reach out to Jessica at jschantz@futureheights.org.

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