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Our Supporters

We honor the vision and efforts of people who exemplify what FutureHeights is all about: active and dedicated citizens who give their vision and energy to making our communities the best they can be.


Dave’s Supermarket
The Willoughby Family
John and Patrica Zagara
Alpha Apartment Management
Lee Chilcote
WXZ Development
Cornerstone Design and Renovation
The J-Bird Family
Ardmore Tree Service
Oliver Architecture
Jake Orosz, The Fairmount
Thomas Eastman
Gus and Jan Kious
Robert and Julie Namy
Gordon and Sarah Wean
Carol J. Nash
Chris Jacobs
Ursula Korneitchouk
The Sweeney Group, Keller Williams Realty
Julia Zabell
M. Rose & Associates
Jeanne and Steve Gordon
William and Carol Bruml
Helen Hertz
Keystate Homes
Council President Melody Joy Hart
Democratic City Leader Gary A. Benjamin
Gary and Katy Brahler
Kimberlee Jones
Chicago Title
Robert Brown
Mark Chupp and Sharon Shumaker
CC Restoration
The Pagsuyoin Family
Amanda Isaacson
Mark Phillips and Lita Gonzalez
Catalina and Herb Wagers
The Cleveland Heights Green Team
Calvin Singleton
Collaborative HOME SALES Group with RE/MAX Crossroads
Sharon Divell
Joy Roller
Bruce Hennes
Josh Rosen
Seth Task
It All Adds Up
Suzanne Zilber and Adin Mann
Kathy McCurry
Krista Hawthorne
Reaching Heights
Betsy Mahlke
Nancy Levin
Lee and Tuni Chilcote
Tony Cuda
Bob Zimmer, The Zimmer Real Estate Group
Geoffrey Hoffman
Leah Kirkpatrick
Kathryn Dillon
Julie Hammond-Gierke
Roland Stenta
Stephen Pepper
Jane Hammond
Rachel Degolia
Sandra Darling
Alan Rocke
Em Laudeman Ezell
Maria Schmitt
Mary Holmes
Mary Twomey
Nancy Thrams
Alan Rapoport
Hillel Chiel and  Elizabeth Dreben
Susan Alcorn
Michael McGraw
Sarah Taylor
John Potts
Renee Weiss
Aimee Shinhearl
Craig Cobb
James Heckman