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Neighborhood Organizations

Know your neighbors.
Find a neighborhood organization near you.

  • Boulevard Neighbors: For more information, visit: www.boulevardneighbors.org
  • Cain Park Neighborhood Association (CPNA): Serves houses located around the perimeter of Cain Park and adjacent streets. For more information, visit the group’s Facebook page. (You may have to be approved by the administrator to join this group).
  • Clarendon Road Neighbors: For more information contact Amanda Hill at amandahill@kw.com and visit the Facebook Group to request membership.
  • Coventry Neighbors: Started in 2022, this group welcomes anyone who identifies as living in North Coventry or Coventry to join their Facebook Group and email list — and welcomes anyone who’d like to help plan upcoming neighborhood meetups!  Reach out to coventryneighb@gmail.com with any questions.
  • East Fairfax Street Association: For more information contact: Lisa Brody, lbr73@hotmail.com.
  • Forest Hill Home Owners, Inc.: Serves residents living on Mayfield Road (south), Lee Boulevard (west), Glynn Road (north), and Taylor Road (east). For more information, contact president@fhho.org or visit the group’s website.
  • Grant Deming’s Forest Hill Historic District Neighborhood: For more information, visit: www.grantdemingneighborhood.org
  • The Millikin Neighborhood Group: Serves residents south of Mayfield and east of Taylor to Maple Rd, and includes all streets from Blanche to Mayfield, plus Parkhill, Middleton, Wilmar and S. Noble. We are working to build community in a uniquely diverse neighborhood. We use the old Millikin School playground for our placemaking and the site of various activities. All activities are geared to inclusive engagement so that we can make our neighborhood the community that we aspire to live in. And many events and activities are open to the wider Cleveland Heights community. For more information, visit the group’s Facebook page. (You may have to be approved by the administrator to join this group).
  • Noble Neighbors: Serves residents who lives east of Taylor Road and north of Mayfield Road to the border of Cleveland Heights. This group comprises residents and business owners working together to make the neighborhood a safe, friendly, beautiful and thriving place to live. For more information, visit www.NobleNeighbors.com.
  • Potter Village Good Neighbor Association: Serves residents who live on Castleton, Haselton, Radcliffe and Edison. For more information, visit the group’s Facebook page to request membership.


Check out the Cleveland Heights Aging Well at Home Resource Guide here.

Nextdoor.com is also a useful resource for learning more about any block or neighborhood groups that may be close to you!


Want to add your organization to the list? Email your group’s information to Sarah – swolf@futureheights.org.  Sarah is also available to offer coaching support for your group and/or help you get a group started.

And please utilize our Neighborhood Training Manual — it’s a FREE resource that offers some useful tips for getting organized!