Engaged Citizens. Innovative Ideas.

Vision: FutureHeights envisions Cleveland Heights and University Heights as national examples of communities that are equitable, sustainable, and inclusive; culturally rich and diverse, with thriving local businesses, attractive neighborhoods, and a deeply engaged citizenry.

Mission: To facilitate an equitable, prosperous and vibrant future for Cleveland Heights and University Heights and to engage in and promote economic and social development through meaningful engagement of residents and collaboration with local organizations, businesses and governments.


  • Diverse, inclusive and informed public participation that engages and empowers people of all ages, incomes, races, ethnicities, religions, abilities, sexual orientation and gender identity
  • A commitment to racial equity and justice in all actions, programs and policies of FutureHeights and our communities
  • Open and effective communication and partnerships among nonprofits, schools, local business, city government and citizens
  • A thriving local business community
  • High-quality and affordable housing for all residents
  • Preservation and enhancement of historic neighborhoods and commercial districts
  • Sustainability in development, municipal operations and in management of our natural environment, including our tree canopy
  • Appreciation for the time, talent and various forms of support offered to our organization
  • A regional approach to innovation, planning and development