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2024 Heights Music Hop

Presented by FutureHeights in Partnership with the City of Cleveland Heights

Get ready to celebrate a night of local music, businesses and community!
The 2024 Heights Music Hop is scheduled to take place September 28th, 2024.  Stay tuned for more information!

The Annual Heights Music Hop is a one of kind music festival combining great local music with local businesses in Cleveland Heights to support local shopping, businesses, and musicians while promoting the Heights as a great place to live, own a business or visit.

Want to perform at the 2024 Heights Music Hop?  Applications will be open from February 1st, 2024 through April.  Priority will be given to CH/UH applicants during the month of February. 

Click here to fill out the form: 2024 Heights Music Performer Application



Thanks for attending the 2023 Hop! We would love your feedback.

Click here to complete the feedback form.


Thank You to our 2023 Business Venues & Sponsors!

Main Stage Venue & Sponsor

Best Gyros
Boss Dog Brewing Company
CLE Urban Winery
The Tavern Company
Voodoo Brewery

Side Stage Venue & Sponsor

Callaloo Cafe
Cornerstone Lounge & Grille
Dewey’s Pizza
Heights Arts
Marchant Manor Cheese
Mitchell’s Fine Chocolates
MoJo world eats & drink
New Heights Grill
Noble Gardeners’ Market
S’il Vous Play
The Social Room

Main Stage Sponsor
Cedar Lee Special Improvement District
The Ascent @ Top of the Hill
Yosemite Construction & Management
Council President Melody Joy Hart

Side Stage Sponsor
Heights Bicycle Coalition
Noble Neighbors

Special Sponsor-Grantor
Cuyahoga Arts & Culture
Ohio Arts Council

For more information on the event, call or email Heights Music Hop Manager, Kasia Bufford, 216-320-1423 ext.106, kbufford@futureheights.org 



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