Engaged Citizens. Innovative Ideas.

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The Innovators Circle honors the vision and efforts of people who exemplify what FutureHeights is all about: active and dedicated citizens who give their vision and energy to making our communities the best they can be.


Gina Cheverine
Trevor Gile
Stephen Titchenal
Michael Wellman


Suzanne Nigro
Lana Cowell
Jeanne Martin Diamond
Matthew Cappelletti
Linda Johnston
Harry Fagan
Bernice Lott
Betty Nelson
Doris Allen
Reverend Ned Edwards
Charles Ault
John Boyle III
Susanna Niermann O’Neil


Joel Borwik
Tom Fello
Steve Presser
Stan Soble


Tuni and Lee Chilcote
Mark Majewski
Diana Woodbridge


Bill Buss
Greg Donley
Julie Langan
John Milgram
Chuck Miller
Andrea Morris
Sarah Wean
Bob Youdelman