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FutureHeights recognizes that older houses are an asset to the city of Cleveland Heights.  Our city’s homes exhibit a variety of architectural styles and details not commonly seen in other communities. These homes represent the times in which they were built, our history, and they are a big part of what makes Cleveland Heights unique. Recognizing the importance of protecting these homes and showcasing their distinctive features led to the creation of our new rehab housing initiative, FutureHomes.

The FutureHomes program will focus on facilitating the rehabilitation of distressed homes with our rehab partners. Our hope is to raise the bar and set the example for housing renovations in Cleveland Heights, particularly in neighborhoods that have experienced recent disinvestment. Through this program, we hope to restore and maintain neighborhood pride in our community one house at a time.

To apply: Fill out the FutureHomes PDF Application in order to be considered for the FutureHomes programs. The application as well as all requested attachments must be complete. If you have any questions regarding the program or the application, please contact FutureHeights by email at info@futureheights.org or by phone at 216-320-1423.

Featured Homes:

3306 E. Overlook

3499 Cummings