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About the Cedar Lee Mini-Park Placemaking Project

The Cedar Lee Mini-Park is located on Lee Road, tucked in-between the Cedar Lee Theatre and the new Boss Dog Brewing Company. Most of us know this stretch of concrete as the walkway from the rear parking lot and garage to the Cedar Lee Business District. It is this unremarkable stretch of land—a poorly maintained pass-thru—that is the Cedar Lee Mini-Park. FutureHeights believes that this is a unique and special place just waiting to happen.

The Cedar Lee Mini-Park site has potential to be so much more than just a pass-thru for the many visitors to the district. How about good ADA accessibility, comfortable seating, good lighting, and a water fountain? How about live music, educational forums, and public art? How about outdoor movies and art exhibits? Many things are possible, and if we can imagine it, we can do it!

This is the idea behind the FutureHeights Cedar Lee Mini-Park Placemaking project. We can transform this unremarkable space into a vibrant, active, and attractive place through meaningful community engagement and thoughtful design. FutureHeights is working to create a place that reflects the best of our city and one that nearby merchants, residents, and visitors to the district richly deserve.

We are pleased to announce that the architecture firm MKSK will be working with us to design and build our collaborative vision for this charming community space!

How Can You Help?

We want your participation! FutureHeights hosted a community visioning session on June 2 of this year, and we are seeking input and ideas through this online survey. At the annual FutureHeights benefit event, we shared several concepts that came out of the workshop and survey. Many thanks to City Architecture for creating these concept boards.

We are currently raising funds for this project through a variety of public, private and foundation sources. We are also looking for volunteers to assist with design, operations and programming of the Cedar Lee Mini-Park.

Together, we can create a special place here that our treasured merchants, regular patrons, and new visitors to the district truly deserve! Please contact us at 216-320-1423 or info@futureheights.org to contribute or volunteer!