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FutureHeights serves to ensure a vibrant and sustainable future for Cleveland Heights and University Heights. We work as change agents by inspiring and facilitating communication, collaboration, engagement and empowerment among our residents, businesses, other community-based organizations and local government.

Public forums, voter education, the Heights Observer community newspaper, historic neighborhood tours, volunteer opportunities, preservation and community planning education, shop local advocacy, community partnerships, and more.

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  • The Heights Observer in the season of coronavirus April 2, 2020
    These past weeks have been a struggle for everyone—especially small businesses and the people who work for them. The pandemic forced many to close without warning, and it’s a safe bet that some won’t have the financial reserves to ever reopen. Whether social distancing lasts for a month or a year, it’s certain to change […]

Business Directory

Independent and locally based businesses help define the unique quality of Cleveland Heights and University Heights. The owners of these businesses are our neighbors and friends. When you buy from them, more of your money stays right here in the community. Check it out.