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Welcome, Brenda and Kasia!

We are thrilled to welcome Brenda Bailey and Kasia Bufford to the FutureHeights staff!

Brenda Bailey
Administrative Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator

Brenda moved to Cleveland Heights in 2020 and quickly adopted the catchphrase “and I can walk there from my house!” She loves the accessibility and diversity of this city, and embraces its shop local philosophy. Brenda comes to FutureHeights with a background in higher education and publishing and a commitment to civic engagement. A lifelong volunteer herself, she looks forward to building a volunteer base to support FutureHeights programming and the Heights community. If you would like to explore volunteer opportunities, please click hereContact Brenda at bbailey@futureheights.org.


Kasia Bufford
Heights Music Hop Manager

Kasia is a Cleveland Heights native and resident who possesses a strong passion for music, urban planning, and community development. Currently serving as the Heights Music Hop Manager at FutureHeights, she skillfully combines her background in Youth Development and Non-profit Administration with her love for music to create inclusive spaces that empower young talents and foster connections among diverse communities. Beyond her community work, Kasia is also an accomplished musician, driven by her belief in the unifying and transformative power of music. Dedicated to cultivating vibrant and harmonious environments where every voice is celebrated, she strives to leave a lasting impact on the community she holds dear. Contact Kasia at kbufford@futureheights.org.

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