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Planning & Development Initiatives

The FutureHeights Planning & Development (P&D) Committee is initiating programs to revitalize our neighborhoods and businesses districts. Heights business owners, property owners, residents and other stakeholders are welcome to get involved. Contact us at 216-320-1423 or info@futureheights.org to learn more.

Since 2020, FutureHeights’ P&D committee has facilitated the Severance Action Group (SAG), a citizens group created for, and dedicated to, finding a way to revitalize and transform the dying mall at Severance Town Center. Visit FutureHeights’ dedicated SAG page to learn more.

In 2017, FutureHeights held two visioning sessions with Noble Neighbors and other stakeholders about the Noble Triangle (Mayfield, Noble and Monticello roads). This led to the creation of an RFP for a Noble Road Corridor Plan. As a result of the RFP, FutureHeights hired Camiros, Ltd. to conduct a market analysis and planning study of the corridor. The study kicked off in October 2018 and was funded in its entirety by US Bank. Learn more here.

FutureHeights also participated in launching a placemaking project for the Cedar Lee Mini-Park.

To assist Cedar Lee business owners during the 2016-17 streetscape construction, FutureHeights created a Merchant Survival Guide with information on how to help businesses navigate the construction process, and presented a workshop titled “Optimizing Business During Streetscape Construction.” You can watch it here.