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North Coventry Resident Survey

Hello North Coventry Residents! This survey is for YOU. We are interested in learning about what matters to you in your neighborhood and to see if you’d be interested in getting to know other residents through the formation of a neighborhood group.

There are a few ways you can get involved:
1. Fill out this survey.
2. Join us for neighborhood meetings to talk about your ideas.
3. In July, there will be funds allocated through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) available through the City of Cleveland Heights to create a neighborhood plan for North Coventry. This plan will establish goals for what residents would like to see implemented in the neighborhood. Your voice matters in this process — how would you like to see those dollars being invested and spent?

In case you are not familiar with us — FutureHeights — first of all, hello! We are a Community Development Corporation (CDC) for Cleveland Heights celebrating our 20th year as a nonprofit doing this kind of engagement with residents like yourself. Learn more about us on our website: futureheights.org.

This survey is being conducted by the FutureHeights Community-Building Programs Manager, Sarah Wolf, and FutureHeights board member/North Coventry resident, Amanda Isaacson.

Any questions, please reach out to Sarah by email at swolf@futureheights.org (preferred) or by phone at 216-320-1423 (office).

Fill out the North Coventry Resident Survey here.




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