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Become an Observer today! It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or amateur writer, our editors will be glad to have your articles.

Important: Before you write, please review the Heights Observer Style Guide for important information on story length and other details you need to know.

Really Important: It is the nature of a community project like this that many contributors have a direct interest in the topics they cover. If you are writing about an event or organization in which you have a direct interest—financial or otherwise—you must disclose that connection in the author bio box at the end of the article.

Ready to submit? Go to the Member Center. This is where all the magic happens. From this page, you can submit stories about anything that is Heights-related—news, opinion, a Letter to the Editor. It’s easy and fun. And, you can work on your story online, before you send it to our volunteer editors.

By submitting information for publication, you grant the Heights Observer the right to publish this information in perpetuity.

Do you have a good writing background? If you are interested in helping with the editorial process, please e-mail observerhts@gmail.com.

Learn about our editing procedures and requirements in the Heights Observer Style Guide.

Community Groups: Send us your news releases—information about an event, organization, program, or news about anything that concerns Heights residents. Send it to info@futureheights.org. Press releases will be posted on-line in the news release section, but will not appear in the print edition of the newspaper. See “Press Releases” on p. 2 of the Style Guide.

Calendar of Events: For your event to appear on our calendar of events, submit them online here.

Newsies/Delivery People: The Heights Observer always needs people who can help deliver the newspaper around town. It takes a commitment of only a couple of hours a month. If you can help, e-mail info@futureheights.org.

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