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Applications now open for Spring 2022 Neighborhood Mini-Grants

Applications now open for Spring 2022 Neighborhood Mini-Grants!

Receive up to $1,000 to support or launch your neighborhood project or initiative — the deadline to apply is March 15th.

WHAT is this program: The FutureHeights Neighborhood Mini-Grant award (up to $1,000) is for citizen-led projects that benefit Cleveland Heights and University Heights neighborhoods. The intention of the Neighborhood Mini-Grants program is to offer support to Cleveland Heights and University Heights groups who wish to build community by working together to start or sustain a neighborhood project or initiative.  Since 2015, we are proud to have provided mini-grant funding to 61 projects for a total of $40,838 awarded. Learn more about all our funded projects.

WHO should apply: Cleveland Heights or University Heights residents, neighborhood associations, or organizations who need a little start-up cash to get their project up and running.

WHEN is it happening: We offer two rounds of the Neighborhood Mini-Grant every year: once in the spring and once in the fall.

WHY should you consider applying: FutureHeights’ vision is to have vibrant neighborhoods that have increased resilience through grassroots participation in civic life. Through the utilization of a program like Neighborhood Mini-Grants, Cleveland Heights and University Heights neighborhoods become stronger as neighbors get to know each other, making them better equipped to address challenges in the physical and social environment.  This empowering program  activates the assets of everyday people, nonprofit organizations, and public resources and departments and establishes a legacy of pride and commitment to the place where the participants live, work, and play.

HOW TO APPLY: Apply for a mini-grant using this Google Form or complete the Fillable Spring 2022 FutureHeights Neighborhood Mini-Grant Application. The fillable PDFs can either be emailed to Sarah (swolf@futureheights.org) with the subject line “Neighborhood Mini-Grant Application” or mailed to the FutureHeights office (FutureHeights c/o Neighborhood Mini-Grant Application, 2843 Washington Blvd. Cleveland Heights, OH 44118). Please email Sarah at swolf@futureheights.org for application assistance.

DUE DATES: Applications are due March 15th (for the spring round) or September 15th (for the fall round) by midnight.

Special thanks to our supporters and partners, the Cedars Legacy Fund and the McGinty Family Foundation 1989, for providing ongoing support for the Mini-Grants Program.

Any additional questions, please check out an upcoming info session or reach out to Sarah – swolf@futureheights.org.


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