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Some Thank You’s and Some Welcome Aboard’s

We are delighted to welcome our 2022 incoming board members:

Kimberlee Jones –Born and raised in Southern California, Kimberlee and her wife, Lisa, moved to Cleveland Heights from Los Angeles in January 2021. She is an experienced fundraiser who couldn’t wait to be involved in her new community, which strives to be an equitable and thriving area for people of diverse backgrounds.



Tonya Horn – A resident of the Noble Neighborhood of Cleveland Heights, Tonya has served as a member of the FutureHeights Neighborhood Mini-Grants Committee. She looks forward to bringing the DEI experience gained from her role at Avery Dennison to help FutureHeights “become more diverse as an organization and ensure equity across all communities.”



Karen Malone Wright –The owner and chief strategist of Odyssey Creative Group, a marketing and communications company, Karen is a longtime resident of University Heights. Through her online community The NotMom, she is also an advocate for women without children by choice or by chance. Karen loves the Heights and wants to give back.



Ron Wynne – A lifelong resident of Cleveland Heights, Ron is a 2021 graduate of the FutureHeights Neighborhood Leadership Workshop Series and has volunteered on the FutureHeights Community and Civic Engagement Committee. “As a young, black renter in Cleveland Heights, I want to use my perspective and experience in Cleveland Heights to advocate for underrepresented groups in the city.”


Many thanks to our outgoing board members:

Craig Cobb, Josefita (Achy) Fehn, Micah Kirman, and Anthony Mattox – They have been outstanding contributors, who have given of their time and expertise to help us connect with the community, think strategically and approach our work with compassion for others. Special thanks to Achy for her incredible work in helping us secure the venue for our spectacular 2021 Annual Benefit!  We look forward to each of our outgoing board member’s continued involvement in the organization and are excited to work with Craig and Anthony in their new roles as Cleveland Heights Council Members.

And, last but certainly not least, welcome to our newest team member:

We are excited to welcome Belle Espinal to the FutureHeights team in the role of Business Outreach Manager. Originally from NYC, Belle received her B.A. from Oberlin College in comparative American studies and lives in Cleveland Heights. Her diverse experiences include teaching English-language learners, working with entrepreneurs of color on community events, and starting her own wellness business.


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