Engaged Citizens. Innovative Ideas.

Speaker Series and Public Forums

Older inner-ring suburbs have their unique strengths and challenges. FutureHeights regularly presents thought-provoking and valuable presentations from local and national experts to spur community education and action. Here are some past topics we’ve covered.

  • Choosing to Make the Heights Home (video)
  • Community Building for Change (video)
  • Creating Great Places in the Heights (presentation)
  • Vacant and Abandoned Properties in Cleveland Heights and University Heights (presentation)
  • The Power of Generative Journalism (video)
  • Reversing Disinvestment in Our Community (article)
  • Community Land Use and Development Forum (video)
  • Community Currency (article)
  • Making Sense of Place: Cleveland-Confronting Decline in America (article)

FutureHeights promotes citizen participation in neighborhood and community planning.

Beginning in 2000, with the Town Meeting to discuss Giant Eagle’s development plans in the historic Cedar-Fairmount neighborhood, FutureHeights has worked to promote historic preservation, good neighborhood planning, sustainability, and citizen involvement in working to keep the physical fabric of our community strong.