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Best of the Heights

Best of the Heights is an annual public opinion survey and awards ceremony honoring local independent businesses and their contribution to the quality of life in Cleveland Heights and University Heights.


Cleveland Heights and University Heights are home to hundreds of independently owned businesses.

The Best of the Heights Awards is an annual event with online and on-the-street community polling, adding up to hundreds of unique votes.

We seek to honor the give-back that small businesses in Cleveland Heights and University Heights contribute to the economic stability of the community. It’s also a great way to highlight the best of the best, those merchants and services that go above and beyond to provide excellent service, value to their customers, and are great community partners.

Vote for the 2017 Best of the Heights from Jan. 15 through Feb. 15, 2017. Winners will be announced in the March issue of the Heights Observer.


Shop Local

Shop Local brings public awareness to the economic and livability benefits of spending a dollar at a local independent business v. a chain store.Locally owned businesses are good for community. They create jobs, promote economic stability, offer diverse goods and services, and retain our community’s identity. Over 90% of  businesses in Cleveland Heights are locally owned.  FutureHeights provides educational workshops to small business owners.  Additionally, local advertising opportunities and business spotlights in the Heights Observer newspaper offer local businesses an important way to reach their customer base.

Keep the Heights independent. Help FutureHeights promote the shop local message. Support this program.