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Noble Road Consultants to Present to CH and EC City Councils

Last October, FutureHeights and its partners kicked off a planning process for the Noble Road Corridor. Now, the first phase of that process is drawing to a close. The project consultants, Camiros LTD, will present a final report to the city council of Cleveland Heights at its regularly scheduled meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 16 and to the city council of East Cleveland at its regularly scheduled meeting on at 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 17. Both meetings are open to the public.

See a draft of the Noble Road Corridor Plan here.

Noble Road is the most significant street in the northeast section of Cleveland Heights, giving its name to an area known as the “Noble Neighborhood.” The study area extends along Noble Road several blocks to the west of Cleveland Heights into the city of East Cleveland to Euclid Avenue.

FutureHeights, in cooperation with Noble Neighbors; the cities of Cleveland Heights and East Cleveland; and NOAH, Northeast Ohio Alliance for Hope, the CDC for East Cleveland; has been working with Camiros, Ltd., a nationally recognized urban planning firm, and The Riddle Company, a real estate and economic development marketing consulting practice, to prepare a development and revitalization plan focusing on the four commercial/mixed-use districts along Noble Road between Mayfield Road and Euclid Avenue.

Throughout the approximately nine-month process, FutureHeights has continued to seek input from neighborhood residents and other stakeholders.

Give us your Feedback on the Plan here.

See the project RFP here. See the Existing Conditions Report here.

The consultants shared ideas for revitalization of the corridor with the community on April 4. See their April 4 Presentation here.

On July 18, FutureHeights shared a revised version of the consultants’ Noble Road Corridor Plan. See their July 18 Presentation here.

FutureHeights and its partners seek a market analysis and revitalization plan for the Noble Road Corridor that will accomplish, among others, the following goals:

  • enhancing the image of the Noble Neighborhood by improving the commercial and mixed-use development at the neighborhood’s “front doors” along the Noble Corridor;
  • improving the quality of life for residents of the Noble Neighborhood by providing higher quality retail and service businesses along the Noble Corridor;
  • providing additional jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities for local residents;
  • promoting “placemaking” and the resulting strengthening of community life;
  • making productive use of sites that are currently vacant or under-utilized;
  • promoting walking, bicycling and transit use along the corridor;
  • increasing safety by facilitating development and revitalization that puts more eyes and ears on the street;
  • increasing property and income tax revenues to the cities and school districts;
  • ensuring that development is sustainable environmentally, socially and economically; and
  • other goals identified in the community engagement process.


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