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FutureHeights aids volunteer group for Cedar Lee mini park

A new volunteer organization to help care for the Cedar Lee mini park, the walkway that connects the parking area behind the Cedar Lee Theatre to the Cedar Lee Business District, has emerged. Landscape designer Ann Cicarella, a board member of Heights Arts, has organized Friends of Cedar Lee Mini-Park and invites interested community members to join. FutureHeights staff and members of its Planning & Development Committee have helped out with initial clean up and plantings.

The city of Cleveland Heights has not had consistent funding to maintain the park, and the Cedar Lee Special Improvement District (SID) focuses on other priorities, so it has often fallen to informal arrangements among private citizens or individual businesses to look after the space. Now FutureHeights, a community development organization, is offering to help provide oversight and financial assistance through fiscal agency.

Interested community members should join the Facebook group, Friends of the Cedar Lee Mini-Park, to learn of clean up and planting dates. Friends are welcome to come and go for any length of time. The hope is that an independent entity organized around the mission of supporting the park could thrive independent of fluctuations in city finances or priorities of the SID, perhaps attracting a modest amount of funding dedicated specifically to sustaining the Cedar Lee mini park.

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