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FH awards spring Neighborhood Mini-Grants

FutureHeights awarded $3,175 in grants to support six projects in Cleveland Heights in the spring round of its 2020 Neighborhood Mini-Grants Program:

Noble Neighbors received $500 for the Noble Nook project, which seeks to enhance the vacant lot at Noble and Roanoke roads into an attractive space that encourages community use. For more information, visit www.nobleneighbors.com.

Maple, Crest, Wood, & Parkhill Neighbors received $500 for the Millikin Playground Enhancements project, which will enhance the playground at the former Millikin Elementary School building and facilitate community-building in the neighborhood.

Heights Performing Arts Camp was awarded $1,000 for its 2020 performing arts camp at Ensemble Theatre, which emphasizes developing the creative abilities of learners while strengthening literacy, teamwork and problem solving. Learn more at www.ensembletheatrecle.org/heightsperformingartscamp/.

Cumberland Neighbors received $175 for its 2020 Community Event at Cumberland Park. The event seeks to build on the success of its 2019 event, which brought neighbors together.

Noble Neighbors received $500 for the Noble Little Free Library project, which will build, install and provide maintenance for five Little Free Libraries in the Noble neighborhood. Learn more at www.nobleneighbors.com.

Cedarbrook Society was awarded $500 for its Placemaking Ambassador Program, which works with young people to steward the Cedar Lee Mini-Park through weeding and plantings throughout the summer.

The next application deadline is Sept. 15. Learn more at www.futureheights.org/programs/community-building-programs.

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