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CDC Working Group holds first meeting

The City of Cleveland Heights has formed a working group to work out the details of FutureHeights’ partnership with the city as its community development corporation. FutureHeights selected the following to participate: Deanna Bremer Fisher, executive director, and Robert Brown and Micah Kirman, board members. City Manager Tanisha Briley will serve with the group and selected Karen Knittel, city planner, and Tim Boland, economic development director, as the additional city staff members. She also appointed three independent members: Tom Stone (formerly of MtPleasantNow), Benjamin Nichols (VP of National Initiatives for Enterprise Community Partners), and Ken Surrat (Deputy Director of Housing for Cuyahoga County). Strategy Design Partners will facilitate the group’s meetings.

The first meeting took place on Nov. 29 at Cleveland Heights City Hall. Participants introduced themselves; city staff discussed the city’s programs and services, structure and community development priorities; and FutureHeights discussed its programs and services, structure and priorities. The next meeting is set for Dec. 21.

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