Engaged Citizens. Innovative Ideas.

Vision: FutureHeights envisions Cleveland Heights and University Heights as the core of the region’s cultural and intellectual scene, with thriving local business, attractive neighborhoods, strong connections with neighboring communities, and a deeply engaged citizenry.

Mission: To inspire and facilitate collaboration and empowerment across our communities to ensure a vibrant and sustainable future for Cleveland Heights and University Heights.


  • Diverse, inclusive, active and informed citizen participation in community decision making
  • Appreciation for the time, talent and various forms of support offered to our organization
  • Innovative ideas in addressing the challenges in our communities
  • Open and effective communication and partnerships among nonprofits, schools, local business, city government and citizens
  • Thriving local business community
  • Preservation of historic neighborhoods and commercial districts
  • High quality sustainability in design and architecture
  • Regional approach to innovation, planning and development